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Rooted by family. Inspired by excellence.

MNC+Sons started small, as most inspired endeavors do. And since its humble beginnings in 2004, the family-owned and operated general contracting firm has earned a polished and acclaimed reputation for the stunning residential, commercial and community spaces it has brought to life. Embracing a relationship-driven, quality-first mindset, MNC+Sons builds sophisticated spaces while also building lasting connections with clients and industry partners by delivering premium work and providing personalized service to every client.

A Different Process, By Design

The construction process is usually a foreign one to anyone who doesn’t work in the industry. But it doesn’t have to be overly complex. At MNC+Sons, we foster lasting relationships by building luxurious, legacy projects that benefit from experienced, dedicated teams focused on efficient processes that simplify the entire design-build endeavor. We’re reimagining construction one client at a time.

Our Commitment To You

  • Service

    With an unwavering commitment to meeting client needs, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional design-build experience.

  • Relationships

    Our focus is quality not quantity, which is why we build relationships while building projects.

  • Community-Driven

    MNC+Sons understands the importance of community. That’s why we create spaces that serve, nurture and foster the health and growth of communities.

  • Client Focused

    With a dedicated senior project manager, our clients receive undivided attention from concept to completion.

MNC + Sons Ownership

Experience + Expertise

Led by president and founder Moshe Nachum, the leadership team at MNC+Sons brings together decades of cumulative experience across a number of construction industry specialities. Moshe’s four sons, along with seasoned industry executives, guide a company that has become known for propelling people, businesses and communities forward.

Moshe Nachum

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For more than 20 years, Moshe has been an esteemed leader in the construction space. Building and creating homes with care and heart is a unique skill he continues to evolve. Driven by passion for exceptional construction, he takes pride in facilitating the highest quality building process possible. In addition to his primary role as founder, he is a recognized individual in the community who is affiliated with non-profit organizations and he sits on numerous committees that help advocate for causes held dear to members of the community.

Izzy Nachum

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As the CEO of MNC General Contractors, Izzy has been involved in building more than 100 properties, has led his team through every area of project management, and holds every client’s vision and expectations to the highest of standards. In addition to leading the company through its growth from a small business to a successful large-scale organization, Izzy is focused on ensuring that the MNC brand stays strong and true to its well-recognized reputation as the leading, premium general contracting firm it has become.

Avi Nachum

Vice President of Real Estate + Commercial Construction
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As the Vice President of Real Estate and Commercial Construction, Avi has brought tremendous change to the firm in developing and curating its Real Estate and Commercial divisions. With a vast knowledge of the industry and its key players, Avi is able to propel through business development opportunities and frequently partner with developers to manage or provide a shared value to key projects.

Ore Nachum

Vice President of Residential Construction
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As the Vice President of Residential Construction, Ore tackles all projects with the goal of making sure the clients are satisfied with a high-quality product. With a long history in the construction industry, Ore has successfully managed projects both in remodels and high-caliber construction. Ore started in this industry as a project manager where he developed a strong understanding of field operations. In addition, Ore also spearheads MNC + Sons Service, a sister company focused on premium property maintenance.

Gal Nachum

Vice President of Residential Construction
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As the Vice President of Residential Construction, Gal brings an extensive amount of experience to the residential market. He has developed processes and strategies that enhance the project management objectives and allow for high level communication throughout. His attention to detail is what inspired him to establish Benchmark Furniture and Millwork, a sister company focused on designing and fabricating high-end millwork.

Commercial Partner

Benjamin Berger

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Decisive, action-oriented and results-focused professional, Ben Berger leads the commercial division as the Director of Real Estate and Commercial Construction. With a career that spans over a decade in the hands-on construction sector, Ben has established his reputation for building relationships with customers as well as brands. He has an excellent track record in motivating team members to achieve organizational objectives that lead to successful completion of multimillion dollar projects, as well exceeding expectations.

Management Team

Exceptional + Efficient

Our holistic approach to the design-build process means each project is assigned its own dedicated team. This includes a project executive to ensure technical accuracy, a project accountant to manage budget accountability and a field project manager to oversee project flow. This creates the highest quality outcome possible while providing undivided service. At MNC+Sons, our project management team also includes a principal owner on every project.

Accounting Team

Regulation + Reconciliation

The accounting team at MNC+Sons takes great pride in its ability to provide superior fiscal oversight on each and every project, managing detailed budgets, requisitions and recordkeeping — so clients don’t have to.

Our Work, By The Numbers

1.8 Million

MNC+Sons has built or renovated 1.8 million square feet of residential and commercial property.


Since 2004, MNC+Sons has developed and built more than 110 residential, commercial and community projects.


Our commercial and development projects span across 8 regions on the East Coast, from New York to Florida.


As a complement to our general contracting firm, MNC+Sons has two sister companies: Benchmark Millwork & Furniture and MNC + Sons Service.

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